Reb Warren

August 24, 1985

I was unable to find an official obituary for Reb, so this will have to do.

Reb joined the Department in 1951 and retired at age 62 with the rank of Sergeant. He spent most of his career in CID, having held the Civil Service rank of Detective before that position was folded into the Sergeant rank by Chief Patrick Murphy.

Reb was tragically struck down with prostate cancer less than 3 years after retiring. He was survived by his wife, Jeanette, who joined him in death in 2003. I recall him talking about a daughter who was in a Lutheran seminary.

Reb got his nickname from his North Carolina roots. He joked that he never made Lieutenant because all his contemporaries had veterans points. Reb was a USMC Master Sgt. in WWII, but couldn't claim the points because he entered from NC, not NY.

The Warrens lived at 345 W. Matson Ave in The Valley. In good weather Reb would commute to the PSB on a moped he called hoppy. (From the ads, 'I don't walk, I Yamahop') They also had a summer home on the Rideau Canal in Canada. The first summer Reb retired, Joe Cominolli and I rode our motorcycles to the camp. Reb showed off his gorgeous cedar cabin and also gave us a boat ride on his little cruiser. He was a man at peace, truly enjoying his retirement, expecting many more years.

As shown in the photo, every payday Reb would sell $1 hotdogs in CID to finance our parties and welfare fund. The black & white shot of Reb and Tony Cizenski was taken at John Jankowski's retirement party in 1976.

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